NexMind Secures Vital Seed Funding from 500 Global for AI-Powered Digital Marketing


How and why NexMind did well

500 Global, a Silicon Valley venture capital company, has given seed funding to NexMind, a leader in AI-powered multilingual digital marketing. NexMind has reached a major milestone with its creative SEO services for experts in a wide range of areas. Is that all? To write content that is SEO-friendly in 17 languages without knowing anything about SEO.

History and Details About the Money

On January 1, 2019, NexMind will start its amazing self-funded journey. Their plan for success in 2021 shows how smart they are at making plans. It’s not clear how much 500 Global spent. The money that was raised will be used to get more customers from all over the world and make the products more varied.

What makes NexMind so valuable

NexMind is great at making material search engine friendly in a lot of different languages. The platform’s value comes from its ability to make brands more well-known on Google, Bing, Amazon, Lazada, and Shopee, among others. People from all over the world can connect with your brand through this smart method, which helps your website and online store get more natural traffic.

Francis Lui, CEO and founder of NexMind, spoke beautifully about the mission of the business. “We help businesses get more leads, raise awareness of their brand, and make more things,” he said. These accomplishments are possible thanks to AI methods that are both very good and naturally smart. With 500 Global’s steadfast support, we’ll be able to bring new AI-based solutions to people all over the world.

Strategies for the Future, According to 500 Global

Khailee Ng, the smart Managing Partner of 500 Global, saw NexMind’s bilingual AI technologies grow. “By 2040, 3 billion more people than the current 5 billion will be online,” says Ng. Learn the language of this fast growing group of people. We think that NexMind’s bilingual AI technologies will be the key to the future of online shopping. Transaction speeds that are faster are supposed to bring in a lot more people who use the internet. This would be very good for our world economy.

Shows Off Its Creative Skills, Text2Social

Text2Social made by NexMind to make work a lot more efficient. This clever program lets users make interesting social media posts that can be shared on many platforms with just one click. This cutting-edge feature works for everyone, no matter what language they speak at home. Content can written in 17 languages. It always relevant to the person and gets them involved.

Text2Social’s in-depth audience study process finds the exact details of what you need to know to make interesting social media posts. Marketers can focus on what they do best when they use NexMind: making smart, data-driven choices that help their companies reach their marketing and communication goals.

New directions and a range of languages

NexMind can work with a lot of different languages because it uses a multidimensional approach. English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese are just some of the languages that people in Indonesia and Malaysia speak. NexMind’s support for so many languages shows that it cares about linguistic variety.

This company started by Francis Lui, Pattrine Hong, and Bernie Law (Chief Product Officer). Francis Lui started Nexus Mediaworks International, which is a huge SEO business. The goal of this Google Premier Partner firm when they made NexMind. It happen to give everyone free access to information about digital marketing.

NexMind Rise: A Conclusion

NexMind has become a strong competitor in AI-driven digital marketing thanks to smart support and always coming up with new ideas. The growth of this business will have huge impacts on businesses all over the world and the digital economy as a whole. It will also lead to revolutionary changes in a world where people are becoming more and more dependent on each other.