Digital Shift London
Meet the Drivers of Digital Change

Shift is more than just an event, it’s a campaign to alter minds, business models, skillsets, buying habits and marketplaces through digital leadership and transformation.


The idea is simple: Shift is about harnessing, capitalizing on and future proofing your business by tackling digital disruption head on.

Digital is now embedded into every part of our lives and is accelerating, transforming, disrupting and reshaping the world that we live in. Just as the steam engine and electricity revolutionized entire sectors of the economy from the 18th century onward, so the internet, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and marketing technologies are changing the landscape in which we live today.

With no industry immune it is time to disrupt or be disrupted – the choice is yours.

This ground breaking event is brought to you by the analysts, marketers, academics and practitioners at ClickZ and Search Engine Watch, 20 year old veterans of digital marketing and ecommerce best practice.

Join us as we get inspired and excited.

Featured Speakers

Join our stellar line-up of C-Suite digital, IT, marketing, finance and leading heroes who will be sharing their stories straight from the frontline at Shift.

Mike Germano

Chief Digital Officer

Wes Finley

Global Operations Lead, Social Connections

Madhur Aggarwal


Brian Monahan

Co-founder & Chief Evangelist

Anand Shah

Partner, Accenture Strategy

Andy Veluswami

Director, Data Science & Analytics

Tom Davis

Chief Marketing Officer

Louise Felton

Senior Director - Global Marketing and Communications

What's in store

Who is it for*

Business leaders, senior management and digital leaders charged with implementing digital transformation and responsible for driving marketing strategy across data, digital, acquisition, search, customer experience, analytics, user experience and customer service. Anyone who wants to transform.

*Not for the faint of heart

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I'm Interested

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